LIMEN CLOTHING brand was established in January 2011. It offers streetwear clothing produced in limited editions. Apart from quality fabric and prints, emphasizes the originality and individuality. The brand is inspired in nature, art, music, literature, film, comics, ...

The brand name LIMEN comes from the Latin. It is the word for "threshold". In psychology and physiology this word expresses the threshold of psychological or physiological response. It is the smallest detectable sensation; weakest value that causes an effect. The word LIMEN refers to ideas of limits and boundaries - the boundaries of life and death, darkness and light, reality and fantasy. It indicates something that is on the verge of two worlds.

The hare in the logo refers to supernatural beings Tricksters in folklore and mythology of many nations. It is an anthropomorphic animal characterized by erratic, roguish character. He is described as a neutral "God", who keeps the balance between good and evil, between order and chaos. This figure embodies the power that has, although physically weaker, but more cunning and intelligent individuals over the stronger. As a cultural hero gets in opposition to the established order. He points to errors in the society, rebels against authority, does not accept things blindly, he is the one that crosses boundaries and limitations.

LIMEN expresses individuality, open mind, positive mental attitude to life - not to be tied up by majority, not to stay in line, go your own way.